Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Review of the Covert Video Player

Covert Video Player, a newly developed Wordpress plugin, was produced to provide a better experience for the user of the plugin as well as the viewer of the blog that has it. With small easily adjustable thumbnails, they, the thumbnails, can be seamlessly integrated beside highly relevant content. Thus a viewer not only spends more time on the site, but it also helps to increase their comprehension of the material being presented.

The designer of the Covert Video Player plugin, Mark Dulisse is very experienced at not only developing video plugins, but also at maintaining a high level of customer support to keep up with plugin updates and other customer related problems. Thousands of satisfied customers are currently using one of his earlier video products, Traffic Player.

When a blogger is preparing a post, they can either not select a specific position and the adjustable four thumbnails will align up across the top of the post. But by using a mouse cursor a position along the left side, or center, of a paragraph of material can be selected and by entering correct information about the video, a thumbnail will be created beside the text content. The viewer can then select the thumbnail and it will pop-up on page, and again with an easily adjustable size viewer. Either a YouTube, Viemo, or Flow Player viewing screen can be selected. The plugin can be used in many different ways on various different websites, personal or business blogs and membership sites even a "Pagination" page can be produced with 20 to 30 or more thumbnails on a single page. Thereby keeping a viewer on your page even when they get distracted and start surfing other videos.

Since Google has started slapping sites with little or no text, the Covert Video Player is a perfect way to blend videos with content. One option of the player even allows for video selection by "keyword". This would allow newer and highly viewed videos to be displayed with your text content.

No matter if you are producing sites for a client or maintaining your own blog, your time is very important. This plugin tool will allow you to work faster placing videos with content and producing an end product for your client, or viewer, with a neat, clean and appealing product.Currently there is no other similar video player available on the market. Thus anyone using this player would be far ahead of their competition by using this player.With its future updates, of being able to work with several different video platforms, this player will continue to beat its competition in user satisfaction for a very long time in the future.

With a choice of 2 different licenses, the Covert Video Player can be used as either a personal license product on your own personal website/blog, or with a Developers License a person can use the plug-in on their own multiple sites or develop sites for a client as well.